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In this course, we will go over the technical and creative skills to create matte paintings for Animation.

Duration 8 Weeks COURSE $499Class starts January 2023

Breakdown of Matte Painting from “Ralph Breaks the Internet

Using industry standard software such as: Photoshop, Maya, Nuke, and Clarisse.

Students will receive individual feedback on their work as well as practicing these techniques to create portfolio level work.
Breakdown of Matte Painting from “Raya and the Last Dragon
  • We will focus on developing your artistic eye to be able to match different styles of animation
  • Increase your software skills within an Animation Studio Workflow
  • Learn techniques specific to Matte Painting on how to deliver matte paintings to a compositor/lighter for production
  • Show you the relevant skills to begin building a portfolio geared towards the Animation Industry


Recorded Content
It is an 8 week course
Each weekly assignment
builds from the previous week

Live Sessions
Weekly live 1 hour
interactive recorded Zoom sessions

Weekly recorded personal
feedback on your work

This Course will build the necessary foundation to help you in your journey to work in Animation for Feature films, Television, and Game Cinematics for Matte Painting

What you will learn in this class:

-Develop means to match various Animation styles from highly stylized to realistic
-3d workflow utilizing Maya for simple geometry and camera creation for projections
-2d Compositing workflow using Nuke for your projection setups
-Clarisse for rendering and scattering elements
-Basic lighting, modeling, and texturing of your 3d scene
-Photoshop techniques for working in a non-destructive workflow, photobashing, and preparing elements for export
-Sharpen your design, color, and layout aesthetics
-Portfolio building and making breakdowns of your matte paintings
Eric has been a Matte Painter in the Animations Industry for almost two decades.
Currently he is working at Walt Disney Animation Studios and previously at Dreamworks Animation.
Eric has taught various Matte Painting classes for several years.
Some of the films he has worked on are Frozen 2, Encanto, How to Train your Dragon2, Kung Fu Panda, and many many more.

Examples of Eric’s work